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How Can INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI Smart Sprinkler Controller Help Us Create A Wonderful Garden?

How Can INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI Smart Sprinkler Controller Help Us Create A Wonderful Garden?

INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI is a smart sprinkler controller that upgrades our water pipes into an intelligent automatic system, saving us plenty of time that we would have spent watering in the past. With it, there are no more dead plants because we forget to water them and no more soggy lawns because we forget to turn the water off. We can count on it to always keep our lawn green and keep our flowers vibrant.

Here are the features of the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI as our gardening assistant:

1.Water On Time Wherever We Are

When traveling abroad, have we ever worried about the lack of water for our lawns and plants? It could be hard to find and hire someone to do the watering on time, but the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI is fully capable of automatically watering on schedule while we travel. We can set a watering schedule before we go out. There are 4 options when determining how often the timer will water:

  • Custome days (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.)
  • Odd days (1/3/5/7…)
  • Even days (2/4/6/8 …)
  • An interval of few days (every “X” number of days)


On each selected day, we can set 6 start times, each with a watering duration of up to 3 hours, to water our plants. We can set different watering frequencies for various planting spots (total 8 zones) in our garden, such as the front yard, backyard, lawn, etc. Therefore, the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI will help us water our plants and keep them thriving every time we go out.


2. Control and Monitor Anytime, Anywhere

Thanks to its Wi-Fi capability, we can control the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI smart sprinkler controller and monitor the watering status on our smartphone no matter where we are. From the smart INKBIRD app, you can view and modify—

  • Current watering process
  • Past 6 months history
  • Next 3 months schedule


The smart INKBIRD APP allows for the addition of family members and sharing of the management. Whenever the controller is offline or the watering complete, we will receive a notification on the phone to deal with it on time. By the way, the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI adopts non-volatile memory, which can indefinitely save all settings even after a long time of power off. Therefore, we could always count on it to implement watering on schedules.


3.Adapt To Plant Growth Needs

Lawns and plants have different water needs in different seasons. They need more water during dry seasons such as winter and summer. However, it can be annoying to change your watering schedules every time the seasons change. To solve this problem, the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI adopts a pleasing seasonal adjustment function.

  • One-key adjustment with seasonal changes

With only one adjustment, you can increase/decrease the percentage of watering time in all zones to increase/decrease the amount of water provided to our lawn and plants without changing the entire preset schedule. 

  • No overwatering on rainy days

When it rains, it can be banned. Depending on our settings for the rain sensor (please purchase separately), on rainy days, the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI can automatically skip the preset schedule and pause our sprinklers for watering, so we can save on water bills and avoid overwatering on rainy days.

  • Extra water in special weather

In dry muggy weather, if our plants droop leaves, that means they need water now. At this point, we can press the manual control button from the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI or smartphone to immediately provide water to our plants, keeping our plants vivid.


4.Help Manage Our Time

For anyone who loves gardening, a smart sprinkler controller should be a must-have device, as it helps them water their plants in a manageable time, with a manageable amount of water, and at a manageable cost.

  • Save our time

How long will it take to water our front yard, backyard, lawn, and other planting spots? It can be tiring if we water a total of 8 zones by ourselves. Thanks to the ability of controlling up to 8 zones at the same time, the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI can do the job for us. Thus, we can save a lot of time that can be spent on other important things.

  • Save on water bills

Giving our plants too much water often happens if we hold the sprinkler without counting the time. However, we don’t want a soggy lawn or rotten roots. After setting a watering schedule on the smart sprinkler controller, we can provide our plants with timely and adequate water to keep them active and healthy; no more overwatering; saving our plants, saving water and costs.


Timely and adequate water is one of the focal points to keep our plants healthy and vivid. By controlling the watering time in a specific way with the smart sprinkler controller, we can grow plants more easily than before. With the INKBIRD IIC-800-WIFI, we can make our flower the queen of the show, make our lawn the envy of the neighborhood, and make our garden the beauty of the street.


by Shirley

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