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20% Discount Code: INKBIRDAU (for all the products except the products in TODAY DEALS)

INKBIRD Privacy Policy


Effective Date : November 16 , 2021

Updated: December 22, 2022

INKBIRD Tech. CL (hereinafter collectively referred to as "we") is committed to protecting your personal privacy. This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") describes how we process personal data and protect information privacy when you use the following services, products and related mobile applications (collectively referred to as "products").


When you interact with our products, please be sure to read this Privacy Policy carefully and understand our purpose and security measures for collecting and processing your personal data, including how we use, store, share and transfer personal data. In this policy, you can implement your privacy rights, access rights, deletion rights, etc. to your personal data through our instructions.

When you agree to this Privacy Policy, or start and continue to use our products or services in an appropriate way, and do not contact us to express contrary opinions in an appropriate way, we will consider that you fully understand and agree to this policy. During the reading process, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or complaints, please contact us through the following contact methods:

Privacy Office email address is: support@inkbird .com .


Personal information: various information recorded electronically or otherwise that can be used alone or in combination with other information to identify individuals or reflect specific personal activities.

Personal sensitive information: including personal biometric data, communication records and content, health information, transaction information, and precise location information. When we provide you with specific products or services that involve the collection of sensitive personal data, we will obtain your consent through a prominent and clear notice before collecting your sensitive personal data.

Smart devices: refer to non-standard computing devices produced or manufactured by hardware manufacturers that have human-machine interfaces and can transmit information through wireless networks, including smart home appliances, smart wearable devices, smart air purification devices, etc.

Application: refers to the mobile application provided by INKBIRD , which can help end users to remotely control smart devices and connect to the supplier's Internet of Things (IoT) platform

What personal information we collect

In order to provide our services to you, we will ask you to provide the personal data necessary for such services. If you do not provide personal data, we cannot provide you with corresponding products or services.

  1. Information you voluntarily provide to us
  • Account Data : When you register or log into an account with us, we collect your account number and contact details, such as your email address, phone number, username and login credentials. During your interaction with our products, we will further collect your nickname, avatar, country code, language preference or time zone information in your account.


If you choose to authorize the use of a third-party account to log in, we will obtain your shared account information (such as avatar, nickname, region, gender, etc.) from the third party and bind it to your INKBIRD account for quick login. The agreement with the third party, as well as the terms of sharing personal information in the privacy policy announced by the third party, use your personal information on the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Feedback : When you use the feedback and suggestion functions in our products, we will collect your email address, mobile phone number and feedback content, so as to deal with your problems and equipment failures in a timely manner.

At the same time, according to different application products and services, we will collect corresponding and necessary personal information in order to provide you with products and services.


  • Information collected based on additional features provided

In order to provide you with more convenient and better products and/or services, and strive to improve your experience, we will collect and use your personal information in the following additional services provided to you. If you do not provide this information, it will not affect your use of the basic services of INKBIRD , but you cannot obtain the user experience brought to you by these additional services. These additional services include:

1) Additional services based on location information:

When you enable the positioning function of your mobile device through the system authorization and use location-based services, we will collect and use your location information so that you can use INKBIRD to configure the network with smart devices. And when you use our specific products or services (such as weather services), based on your consent, we will collect real-time precise or non-precise geographic location information about you. You can turn off the location service in the system of your mobile device to stop our collection of your location information.

2) Additional services based on cameras/cameras:

You can use this function to scan the code after enabling the camera/camera permission to add your purchased equipment, shoot videos and other functions. Please know that even if you have agreed to turn on the camera/camera permission, we will only obtain information when you actively use the camera/camera by scanning codes, shooting, etc.

3) Additional services for picture/video access and upload based on photo album (picture library/video library):

You can use this function to upload your photos/pictures/videos after enabling the photo album permission, so as to realize functions such as changing the avatar, reporting device usage problems and providing proof. When you use functions such as avatars, we will not identify this information; but when you report device usage problems, we will use the photos/pictures you upload to locate your problem.

4) Additional services related to microphone-based voice technology:

After enabling the microphone permission, you can use the microphone to implement voice functions, such as shooting videos, waking up voice assistants, etc. In these functions, we will collect your voice information to identify your command needs. Please know that even if you have agreed to turn on the microphone permission, we will only obtain voice information through the microphone when you actively click the microphone icon in the app or record a video.

5) Additional services based on storage permissions:

We apply to you for this permission in order to ensure the stable operation of the client. After you enable us to read/write your device storage, we will read or write pictures, files, crash log information and other necessary information from your device storage space to provide you with information release Or record crash log information locally.

6) Additional services based on address book information, SMS, caller information, calendar, etc .:

You understand and agree that the above additional services require you to enable your location information (geographic location), camera (camera), photo album (picture library), microphone (voice), address book, calendar and/or phone status in your device access rights to realize the collection and use of information involved in these rights. You can check the status of the above permissions item by item in your device settings, and you can decide whether to turn these permissions on or off at any time.

Please note that if you enable any permission, you authorize us to collect and use relevant personal information to provide you with corresponding services. Once you close any permission, it means that you cancel the authorization, and we will no longer continue to collect based on the corresponding permission And use relevant personal information, and cannot provide you with the services corresponding to this permission. However, your decision to close the permission will not affect the previous collection and use of information based on your authorization.

  1. Information we collect automatically
  • Device information : When you interact with our products, in order to ensure your normal use of our services, maintain the normal operation of our services, improve and optimize our service experience and protect your account security, we will automatically collect device information, device Model, operating system, device hardware serial number (referring to a string of strings programmed into the device by the device manufacturer as a unique identifier for the device), Android ID, login IP address, wireless connection information, operating system type and version, Application version numbers, push notification identifiers, log files and mobile network information.
  • Usage Data : During your interactions with our Site and Services, we automatically collect Usage Data related to visits, clicks, downloads, sent/received messages and other use of our Site and Services.
  • Log information : When you use our application, system and exception logs will be uploaded, including your IP address, language used, version of the operating system, date or time of access, etc.

Please note that individual device information and service log information cannot identify a specific natural person. If we combine such non-personal information with other information to identify a specific natural person, or use it in combination with personal information, during the combined use, such non-personal information will be regarded as personal information, unless authorized by you Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, we will anonymize and de-identify such information.

  • Location information : When you enable the positioning function of your mobile device through the system authorization and use location-based services, we will collect and use your location information so that you can use the INKBIRD application to configure the network with your smart device. And when you use our specific products or services, based on your consent, we will collect real-time precise or non-precise geographic location information about you. You can turn off the location service in the system of your mobile device to stop our collection of your location information.


  1. Information about smart devices:
  • Basic information about smart devices : When you use a smart device connected to our products or services, we will collect basic information about the smart device, such as device name, device ID, online status, activation time, firmware version and upgrade information, etc.;
  • Information reported by smart devices : Depending on the different smart devices you choose to connect with our products or services, we will collect information reported by your smart devices. For example : IBBW-01 body fat scale will report your weight, body fat mass (BFM), body mass index (BMI) .


Purposes and legal basis for processing personal data

We process your information for the following purposes:

  • To provide services to you : We process your account and profile data, device information, usage data, location information, and smart device-related information to provide products and services that you request or purchase. The legal basis for such processing is the performance of our contract with you in accordance with our Terms of Use .
  • Improve our services : We process your device information, usage data, location information, and smart device-related information to ensure the functionality and safety of our products, to develop and improve our products and services, to analyze the efficiency of our operations, and to prevent and track fraudulent or inappropriate use. The legal basis for such processing is the performance of our contract with you in accordance with our Terms of Use
  • Non-Marketing Communications: We process your personal information to send you important information about the Services, changes to terms/conditions and policies and/or other administrative information. At the same time, we will also send you notifications related to the services you purchased, such as alert services. You can check the [Message Push Notification] in INKBIRD ([Me]-[Settings]-[App Message Notification]) to manage whether you want to receive this kind of message communication. When you choose to close the push notification, we will no longer send you Keep pushing this type of information. The legal basis for such processing is the performance of our contract with you in accordance with our Terms of Use.
  • Data analysis : In order to analyze the use of the products we provide and improve your user experience, we will analyze the data you provide and report, check your problems in the process of using the products in a timely manner, and analyze the products or usage related to you scenes so that you can better enjoy the convenience brought by our products. If you do not agree to our analysis of your data, you can enter INKBIRD 's privacy settings ([My]-[Settings]-[Privacy Settings]-[Data Analysis]) to close your choice. The legal basis for such processing is based on your consent.
  • Personalized push service : We will process your account and personal profile information, usage information, device information to design personalized products and provide you with tailor-made services (such as recommending and displaying product information and advertisements suitable for you) , and invites you to participate in user research on products you use. If you do not agree to INKBIRD's processing of your personal information to obtain personalized services, you can close your choice by entering INKBIRD 's privacy settings ([Me]-[Settings button]-[Privacy Settings]-[Personalized Push Service]) . The legal basis for such processing is based on your consent.
  • Compliance : We process your personal data as we consider necessary or appropriate:

(a) comply with applicable laws and regulations;

(b) comply with legal process;

(c) To respond to requests from public bodies and government authorities;

(d) to enforce our terms and conditions;

(e) protect our operations, business and systems;

(f) to protect the rights, privacy, safety or property of us and/or other users, including you; and

(g) seek available remedies or limit the damages we are required to provide.

We also use and collect your personal information in other ways for which we will provide specific notices and obtain your consent as required by applicable law. If there are any changes to the purposes for which your personal information is processed, we will notify you of such changes by email and/or a prominent notice on our website and inform you of your choices regarding your personal information.

We will share necessary data with third parties through application programming interface (API) and software tool development kit (SDK). Different versions of third-party SDKs will be different, generally including : Google third-party account login, Google Firebase, Google For FCM push service, Google Maps, Amazon speakers , and Tencent bugly, etc. , we will conduct strict security inspections on third parties and agree on data protection measures.

The third-party SDK we access mainly serves the needs of you and other users, so we will adjust the third-party SDK we access when meeting new service requirements and business function changes. We will disclose to you the latest status of accessing the third-party SDK in this note in a timely manner.

INKBIRD’s access to third-party SDKs are as follows (the collection of personal data will be determined based on whether you use the following third-party services):


Functional modules and services

third party name

Personal Information Collection Details

Privacy Policy Address

Third-party account login

Google third-party account login

Mobile device general information, mobile device usage information, IP address, MAC address

map function

google map

WLAN status information, positioning information, unique identifier of terminal equipment, application package name, mobile phone screen density/size/model/system version

Push notification function

Google FCM message push service

Your IMEI/OAID (applicable to Android Q and above systems), IMEI MD5/MEIDMD5, Android ID, VAID, AAID, and your MID device model and other information.

Cloud platform, enterprise collaboration, auxiliary operation


Google Firebase

Log information (including: third-party developer custom logs, Logcat logs, and APP crash stack information), device ID (including: Android_id and IDFV), networking information, system name, system version, and country code

Cloud platform, enterprise collaboration, auxiliary operation


Tencent bugly


Log information (including: third-party developer custom logs, Logcat logs, and APP crash stack information), device ID (including: Android_id and IDFV), networking information, system name, system version, and country code


speaker service

Amazon speaker

Voice Configuration Information (Android)



Rights Relating to Personal Data

We respect your rights and we also hold your personal data. You may exercise any of the following rights:

Contact us by email: customer confirmation: email address for handling privacy rights; or provide other contact information, such as phone numbers, such as a separate privacy response page, etc. to enable users to submit privacy requests. Provide at least 2 ways.


You do not need to pay any fees, and we will complete the verification and processing within 15 working days or 30 natural days. If you decide to send us a request by email, please explain what information you would like changed, whether you would like your personal data to be deleted from our databases, or what restrictions you would like us to be placed on using your personal data. Please note that for security reasons we will ask you to verify your identity before further processing your request.

you can:

  • request access to the personal data we process about you;
  • require us to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal data relating to you;
  • request erasure of your personal data;
  • request a temporary or permanent restriction of our processing of some or all of your personal data;
  • require us to process your data on the basis of your consent or a contract with you, and to transfer personal data to you or a third party when we process your data automatically;
  • Choose to object or object to our use of your personal data when we use it based on your consent or our legitimate interests.

With regard to withdrawal of consent : We will safeguard your right to withdraw your consent by:

1) For privacy rights obtained through device system settings, your consent can be revoked by changing device permissions, including location, camera/camera, photo album (picture library/video library), microphone, Bluetooth settings, notifications and other related functions;

2) In the non-marketing communication you agree to, close your choice through [My] - [Settings] - [App Message Notification];

3) When you agree to the data analysis function, close your choice through [My] - [Settings] - [Privacy Settings] - [Data Analysis];

4) In the personalized push service you agreed to, [My]-[Settings-[Privacy Settings]-[Personalized Push Service]) close your choice;

5) By unbinding the smart device through the application, the information of your use of the smart device will not be collected;

When you withdraw your consent or authorization, we will not be able to continue to provide you with the services corresponding to the part of the withdrawal of authorization. However, your withdrawal of consent or authorization will not affect the processing of personal information based on your consent before the withdrawal.

About canceling the account : You can cancel the account through the following path: " APP Home - Me - Personal Center - Account and Security - Deactivate Account ".

security measures

  • We employ commercially reasonable physical, managerial and technical safeguards to maintain the integrity and security of your personal data. INKBIRD provides a variety of security strategies to effectively ensure the data security of users and devices. In terms of device access, we guarantee data security, access authentication and authorization applications. In terms of data communication, it supports communication using security algorithms and transmission encryption protocols, as well as commercial-grade information encryption transmission based on dynamic keys. In terms of data processing, strict data filtering and verification and a complete data review process are adopted. In terms of data storage, all confidential information of users will be safely encrypted for storage. If for any reason you believe that your interactions with us are no longer secure (for example, you believe the security of your INKBIRD account has been compromised ), please let us know immediately by emailing .

data retention period

We will process your personal data within the shortest period to achieve the purpose stated in this policy: If there is a specific period, please describe the shortest period to process your personal data, unless a longer period of retention is required according to specific legal requirements. We will determine an appropriate retention period based on the volume, nature and sensitivity of the personal data, and we will destroy your personal data after the retention period ends. If we are unable to destroy the data for technical reasons, we will take appropriate measures to prevent further use of your personal data.

Children's Personal Information Protection

INKBIRD attaches great importance to the protection of children's personal information. If you are under the age of 13 (or the specified age in your country/region), you must obtain the written consent of your parents or legal guardians before using our services. INKBIRD protects children's personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of each region, country or region. Please note that if we find that children's personal information has been collected without the prior consent of a verifiable parent or legal guardian, we will try to delete the relevant personal information as soon as possible.

Statement Regarding Policy Changes

We will update this policy as our information practices change. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email (sent to the email address specified in your account) or by posting a notice on the mobile application before the changes become effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.

contact us

If you have any questions about our practices or this policy, please contact us by:


Mailing address: 18 / F, Zhimei Guowei electronic building, No. 68, Guowei Road,Luohu District, Shenzhen

Email :



















  • 帐户数据:当您注册或登录我们的帐户时,我们会收集您的账号和联系方式,如您的电子邮件地址、电话号码、用户名和登录凭据。在您与我们的产品交互期间,我们会进一步收集您帐户中的昵称、头像、国家代码、语言偏好或时区信息。



  • 反馈:当您使用我们产品中的反馈和建议功能时,我们会收集您的电子邮件地址、手机号码和反馈内容,以便及时处理您的问题和设备故障。



  • 基于提供的附加功能所收集的信息
















  • 设备信息:当您与我们的产品交互时,为保障你正常使用我们的服务,维护我们服务的正常运行,改进及优化我们的服务体验以及保障你的账号安全,我们会自动收集设备信息,设备型号、操作系统、设备硬件序列号(指由设备制造商编入到设备中的一串字符串,作为设备唯一标识符)、Android ID、登录IP地址、无线连接信息、操作系统类型和版本、应用程序版本号、推送通知标识符、日志文件和移动网络信息。
  • 使用数据:在您与我们的网站和服务交互期间,我们会自动收集与访问、点击、下载、发送/接收消息和其他使用我们的网站和服务相关的使用数据。
  • 日志信息:当您使用我们的应用程序时,系统和异常日志会被上传,其中包括您的IP地址、使用语言、操作系统的版本、访问的日期或者时间等。


  • 位置信息:当您通过系统授权开启移动设备的定位功能并使用基于位置提供的服务时,我们会收集和使用您的位置信息以便您使用INKBIRD应用程序与智能设备进行配网。以及当您使用我们的特定产品或服务时,基于您的同意,我们会收集有关您的实时精确或非精确地理定位信息。您可以在移动设备的系统中关闭定位服务停止我们对您所在位置信息的收集。



  • 智能设备基本信息:当您使用与我们的产品或服务连接的智能设备时,我们会收集有关智能设备的基本信息,如设备名称、设备ID、在线状态、激活时间、固件版本和升级信息等;
  • 智能设备报告的信息:根据您选择与我们的产品或服务连接的不同智能设备,我们会收集您的智能设备报告的信息。例如:IBBW-01体脂秤会报告您的体重、体脂含量(BFM)、体重指数(BMI)。




  • 为您提供服务:我们处理您的帐户和个人资料数据、设备信息、使用数据、位置信息和智能设备相关信息,以提供您请求或购买的产品和服务。此类处理的法律依据是根据我们的使用条款履行我们与您的合同
  • 改善我们的服务:我们处理您的设备信息、使用数据、位置信息和智能设备相关信息,以确保我们产品的功能和安全性,开发和改进我们的产品和服务,分析我们的运营效率,并防止和跟踪欺诈或不当使用行为。此类处理的法律依据是根据我们的使用条款履行我们与您的合同
  • 非营销通信:我们处理您的个人信息,旨在向您发送与服务、条款/条件和政策变更和/或其他管理信息相关的重要信息。与此同时,我们还会向您发送与您购买服务相关的通知,如告警服务。您可查看INKBIRD中有关【消息推送通知】(【我】-【设置】-【App消息通知】)来管理您是否要求接收此类消息通信,当您选择关闭推送通知时,我们不再向您继续推送此类信息。此类处理的法律依据是根据我们的使用条款履行我们与您的合同。
  • 数据分析:为了分析我们提供的产品的使用情况、提升您的用户体验,我们会对您提供和上报的数据进行分析,及时查看您在使用产品过程中的问题、分析与您相关的产品或使用场景以便您更好地享受我们产品带来的便利。若您不同意我们对您的数据进行分析,您可进入INKBIRD的隐私设置(【我的】-【设置】-【隐私设置】-【数据分析】)关闭您的选择。此类处理的法律依据是基于您的同意。
  • 个性化推送服务:我们会处理您的帐户和个人资料信息、使用信息、设备信息,以设计个性化的产品并为您提供量身定制的服务(例如推荐和显示适合您的产品信息和广告),以及邀请您参与您使用的产品的用户调查。若您不同意我们处理您的个人信息以获取个性化服务,您可在进入INKBIRD的隐私设置(【我】-【设置按钮】-【隐私设置】-【个性化推送服务】)关闭您的选择。此类处理的法律依据是基于您的同意。
  • 合规:我们会在我们认为必要或适当的情况下处理您的个人数据:











  • 向为我们提供某些业务相关服务的第三方服务提供商披露您的个人数据,例如网站托管、数据分析、支付和信用卡处理、基础设施供应、IT服务、客户支持服务、电子邮件发送服务以及其他类似服务,从而确保他们能够为我们提供服务。
  • 向直接或间接为您提供智能设备和/或您用来访问和使用我们网站和服务的网络和系统的客户以及其他业务合作伙伴披露您的个人数据。
  • 当发生重组、合并、出售、合资、让渡、转让或其他处置我们所有或部分业务、资产或股票(包括但不限于与任何破产或类似程序相关的上述情况)的情况时,向附属公司或其他第三方披露您的个人数据。在这种情况下,您将通过电子邮件和/或我们的网站收到关于所有权变更、个人数据新的使用方式不兼容以及有关个人数据选择的明确通知。
  • 在我们认为必要或适当的情况下:








  • 向公司旗下的子公司或附属公司披露您的个人数据,以定期开展业务活动。
  • 除上述第三方以外,我们仅在您同意的情况下向其他第三方披露您的个人数据。


















您的IMEI/OAID(适用于Android Q以上系统)、IMEI MD5/MEIDMD5、Android ID、VAID、AAID,以及您的MID设备型号等信息。




日志信息(包括:第三方开发者自定义日志、Logcat日志以及APP崩溃堆栈信息)、设备ID(包括:Android_id 以及 IDFV)、联网信息、系统名称、系统版本以及国家码





日志信息(包括:第三方开发者自定义日志、Logcat日志以及APP崩溃堆栈信息)、设备ID(包括:Android_id 以及 IDFV)、联网信息、系统名称、系统版本以及国家码








1. 获取最终用户的设备麦克风权限

2. 获取最终用户的摄像头和相册权限

3. 设备信息

4.  网络信息

5. 日志信息







通过邮件联系到我们:客户确认: 处理隐私权利的邮件地址;或提供其他联系方式,如电话号码,如单独的隐私响应页面等使用户提交隐私请求。至少提供2种方式。




  • 要求访问我们处理的与您相关的个人数据;
  • 要求我们纠正与您相关的不准确或不完整的个人数据;
  • 要求删除您的个人数据;
  • 要求暂时或永久限制我们处理您的部分或全部个人数据;
  • 要求我们基于您的同意或与您签订的合同处理您的数据,以及我们自动处理您的数据时,向您本人或第三方传输个人数据;
  • 当我们基于您的同意或我们的正当利益使用您的个人数据时,选择反对或拒绝我们使用您的个人数据。









关于注销账号:您可通过以下路径注销账号:“APP首页 - 我-个人中心-账号与安全-停用账号”。


  • 我们采取商业上合理的物理、管理和技术保障措施,以维护您的个人数据的完整性和安全性。我们提供多种安全保障策略,以有效确保用户和设备的数据安全。在设备访问方面,我们保障数据安全、访问认证和授权申请。在数据通信方面,支持使用安全算法和传输加密协议以及基于动态密钥的商业级信息加密传输进行通信。在数据处理方面,采用严格的数据过滤和验证以及完整的数据审核流程。在数据存储方面,用户的所有机密信息将进行安全的加密处理以便存储。如果您出于任何原因认为您与我们的交互不再安全(例如,您认为您的INKBIRD帐户的安全性已经受损),请您发送电子邮件至support@inkbird.com立即告知我们。