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20% Discount Code: INKBIRDAU (for all the products except the products in TODAY DEALS)
20% Discount Code: INKBIRDAU (for all the products except the products in TODAY DEALS)

Smart Water Leak Sensor IRS-WD1

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Product features

INKBIRD IRS-WD1 adopted an IP67 waterproof body and advanced sensor probes that can efficiently and timely detect water drips and leaks to stop water damage before it happens and protect our homes from costly damage.

Nip Damage In The Bud : We will get alerts when the IRS-WD1 comes in contact with water so that we can check the leaking in time and prevent water damage before it happens. With this smart water leak sensor, we can protect our home from accidentally costly damage.

Precision Detection of Leaks & Drips : We can always trust this sensor, no matter where we place it. The sensor features advanced PVC-coated probes for direct contact with any metal and high-humidity surfaces for efficient and timely detection of leaking and dripping.

High-Class IP67 Waterproof : IRS-WD1 adopts a unique swirl appearance with an IP67 waterproof body, allowing us to place it in any high-humidity area for a long time. With its durable and reliable designs, we can instantly know if there is a water leak near a toilet, sink, bathtub, etc.

Wireless Capability : We can use this sensor with the INKBIRD IBS-M2 Wi-Fi gateway to remotely monitor water status in 9 locations in our house. After the wireless connection, We can receive notification messages on a smartphone when a water leak is detected.

No Need To Change Batteries Frequently : This sensor can continuously work for one year with two AAA batteries (not included), which is energy-efficient and cost-saving. We can check the battery life and receive low power prompts from the smartphone if we connect the sensor with the Wi-Fi gateway.

Keep Our Home Safe : We can place water leak sensors anywhere in our house close to a water source, such as the toilet, bathtub, washing machine, or kitchen sink. Additionally, this sensor can detect drips and leaks in attics, basements, garages, and more. Therefore, we can monitor every corner of our house and keep our home safe.