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20% Discount Code: INKBIRDAU (for all the products except the products in TODAY DEALS)
20% Discount Code: INKBIRDAU (for all the products except the products in TODAY DEALS)

Digital Kitchen Scale IBFS-01

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INKBIRD IBFS-01 is a Bluetooth Digital Food Kitchen Scale, allowing us to get insight into the food nutriention we ingest every day via INKBIRD APP and achieve a healthier life after long-time use.

Ship From: Factory In China

Product features


Main Features

More Than Just A Kitchen Scale : This digital kitchen scale has Bluetooth capability, allowing us to control and operate the scale through the INKBIRD app in a 30-meter range. We can monitor our nutrient intake, calculate food calories, and create a personal intake diary on the smart app.

Get Insight Into What We Eat : When we weigh the food, we get its weight and food calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, and other nutrients. By recording our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly nutrient intake on the app, this food scale helps us manage our health for a long time.

Quick Respond, Accurate Measurement: Four high-precision load sensors are equipped inside the scale, which allows the scale to respond quickly within 1 sec, and the measurement accuracy reaches 1g/0.05oz. We can accurately weigh out any food or object from 3 grams to 10,000 grams and easily switch weight units between g/kg/lb

oz/fl oz/ml for different foods. : Easy-to-Use Tare Function

It supports the one-key-to-tare function, letting us get the correct weight and nutrient content of the weighed food, excluding the container. When we put another food inside the container, we can tare again to get the added food weight without having to replace another container. : A Must-have For Health Management

This kitchen scale has an automatic shutdown function, expanding the battery life and saving us the cost of replacing batteries. This efficient food scale helps us monitor the nutrients and calories of every bite to achieve a healthy body and is a must-have for fitness people and people concerned about their health.